Private Jet Cost – How to Charter a Private Jet From Anywhwere (And How Much Will it Cost?)

airplane-landing-smallCongratulations on your decision to rent charter a private jet and join the business and travel elite of the modern world.

A private jet can (and will) get you hassle free to anywhere around the globe. Private jet rental guarantees  that you get exactly what YOU want. You select the layout of the plane and the departure and arrival airport locations.  You can even choose the pilot and flight staff if you so choose. There are a few popular destinations for private jetters, Please select your destination, to learn how to charter a private jet and the private jet hire cost.




There is an old saying in the private jet business: If you have to ask for private jet cost, you can’t afford a private jet. Many people believe that private jet charter is reserved for the gazillionairs and the super rich. These days, this is simply NOT true. It is possible to rent a private jet without spending a fortune and you can find private jet rental rates that are similar to business and first class rates.

This is how the industry works: Some companies push fractional ownership of jets, others offer a debit card (usually about 100,000$) redeemable for flight hours, other companies act as charter brokers – Middlemen between many charter operators and you.


How to Fly in Luxury and Pay Commercial Rates

Most of the time, renting a private jet for more than a few days can cost double the time you are actually in the air because the plain will not wait for your return flight. That means that about 40% of the time, pilots are flying empty planes. A company called OneSky Jets, for example, is helping more and more travelers use these empty planes and save up to 50% (!!) between top markets.
For example, a small jet from Los Angeles to Aspen in May, will cost about $8,000 each way through most charter brokers, but OneSky Jets says it can offer the same plane for $5,900. If your days are flexible, the price could drop to $3,600. (Data collected from One caveat: The services don’t typically work for same day flights or off-the-beaten-path locales. But for flexible fliers, traveling via private jet is a big upgrade from first class. Most charter brokers ask for you contact details to give you private jet cost, but at Onesky official website you can find out exactly how much your flight will cost right now, without giving your name, email and phone. Just fill out the destination and time, choose passenger number and aircraft type in their simple flight planner – And you will immediately see the price. Renting a Private Jet for a Special Event Increasing numbers of travelers are looking for an alternative to commercial airlines when they are flying for leisure, especially for special events like honeymoon, special birthday trips and important anniversaries.

Renting a private jet will eliminate the common delays, security queues and inconvenience of commercial flights. It saves an amazing amount of time and hassle and surprisingly, in some cases the rates are compatible with the cost-per-head of business class seats. You can Use a quick quote calculator to find private jet cost – Right now.


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    I do not understand the concept of this. What I wish to know is how much it would cost to get a plane from the Kennedy Airport to North Korea.

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