When time is money, a private jet flight is the most efficient form of travel.  There are three options to get on a private jet flight these days, but only one of them is considered affordable. The first one is of course – buying a private jet. Fortunately, you don’t have to own a private jet to fly in one. The second option is a fractional ownership scheme or buying a block of hours. This means you own a share in the private jet and availability is secured. This is not suited for everyone, since paying upfront comes at a cost to cash and many feel uncomfortable with this financial commitment.

Ad Hock Charter – The Most Affordable Private Jet Flight

This is the most cost effective way to get on a private jet flight. It means using the plane when the owner doesn’t. You are not paying all of the running costs, such as maintenance, crew etc. This system allows efficiency of aircraft size for every type of travel and charges only an hourly rate.

Since the beginning of the recession, private jet rental cost has decreased by about 14% and the price structure is much more transparent. It’s easy to compare your options and find the best deal for a private jet flight. You can start at one of the best private jet companies right now, at:

What Are “Empty Legs” and How to Use Them to Get Amazing Deals

Private Jet Flight

An empty leg is an empty chartered private jet or aircraft, on the return flight or outbound of an already booked trip. When an operator or broker has booked the plane to only fly one way, he has to bring the plane back to where it came from, just like a taxi. These empty legs are usually offered for a much lower price, especially for travelers who are flexible and have open schedules.

 So…how can you find a private flight that suits your desired schedule?   No problem.

There are a few companies that will be very happy to find the empty leg that fits you most and take care of all the details to match your schedule. One of these companies offers a flight planner and will give you a quote immediately, without asking for your contact details like many others. OneSky Jets has engineered the lowest private jet cost program in the industry by developing complex algorithms that squeeze empty legs out of the private jet flight pricing equation – lowering the price in the process. The best way to see how OneSky’s pricing model works is to try it for yourself. Create your own “Flight Plan” using the tools on:

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